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WAY-TECH Process Solutions Inc. is a technical sales agency that represents industrial material handling process equipment manufacturers in Western Canada and Pacific Northwest. In most cases our customers purchase “factory direct” from our manufacturers which represents the most cost effective way of doing business.

Founded in 1987, we have three Canadian office locations and one in the United States. We service all of Western Canada from Thunder Bay, Ontario, through to the West Coast as well as the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

The major industries we serve are: mining, wood products, bulk terminals, grain, chemicals and plastics, pharma and nutra, food and feed and recycling.

We take pride in maintaining close ties and providing valuable service to our customers. We work closely with our customers to gain a deep understanding of their process requirements and parameters to offer unique, tailored solutions to their challenges. The majority of the product lines we handle are on an exclusive basis.

Please give us an opportunity to earn your business by sending us your enquiries. We look forward to working with you and being of service.

WAY-TECH consists of the following knowledgeable and hard-working team members:


Paul Robinson (President)

Paul Robinson (President)

Paul has been running WAY-TECH since 2009 and has more than 25 years’ experience in mechanical equipment applications in mining, pulp and paper and power generation. Paul moved to Canada in 1994, from Perth, Australia, where he grew up. He has a degree in Engineering from the University of Western Australia and a certificate in marketing management from BCIT. Paul lives in Vancouver with his wife, Mie. He loves spending time with family, playing golf and traveling.

Brad Waylett (Sales Manager - MB, SK, ON)

Brad Waylett (Sales Manager - MB, SK, ON)

Brad brings more than two decades of experience selling industrial process equipment and integrated process systems to a wide variety of industries and customers. Primary industries in this territory include feed mills, grain processing facilities, fertilizer and mining. Customers include manufacturers, engineering firms, consultants and contractors. When he’s not working he enjoys boating, snowmobiling and old cars.

Mie Tam (Office Manager)

Mie Tam (Office Manager)

Mie Tam, has been with WAY-TECH since 2015. Often thinking she’s the commander-in- chief, she shares the control with Stef, in accounting. When not in charge of the office you can find her on the tennis courts or field hockey pitch, watching her children, play all their sports.

Stef Storkey (Accounting)

Stef Storkey (Accounting)

Stef has been in WAY-TECH Accounting Department since 2006. She possesses super-fast typing skills and a keen attention to detail, Her current goals include reducing paper use in WAY-TECH offices as much as possible.

Derek Ramlu (Sales Manager BC)

Derek Ramlu (Sales Manager BC)

Derek hails from the Fiji islands. He attended the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Simon Fraser University and BCIT, and has an engineering degree. He has been with WAY-TECH for more than 20 years.. He brings technical sales knowledge to the table from his time in Fortis Energy’s energy efficiency and alternate energy departments as well as his work as an environmental engineering consultant. He is married with two adult children and now a grandfather to three-year-old. He has a keen interest in football, hockey, international cricket and rugby.

Calvin Cairns (Sales Manager – AB and SE BC)

Calvin Cairns (Sales Manager – AB and SE BC)

Calvin is a journeyman parts guy with more than 30 years’ experience with industrial mechanical equipment. He is knowledgeable in the natural gas compression, mining and agricultural/food industries and promotes products to end users, EPC’s and manufacturers/fabricators within Alberta. In his spare time Calvin and his wife, enjoy relaxing in the Golden, B.C., area with their amazing adult children and grandkids.


We are proud to run the Vancouver Chapter of Bicycles for Humanity. We’ve helped ship over 2,000 old/unused bikes to those in need and have just started filling our next container. A bike acts as a major catalyst empowering people to move in ways they weren’t previously able. Transportation can enable a local economy to grow from giving doctors the ability to see more patients to allowing a child a way to get to school.

Bicycles for Humanity is a pure grassroots movement, it started that way and it will always be grassroots with no overhead of any kind. What brings us together is the simple belief that a bicycle can and does make a difference. Many NGO’s are bound by regulations, boards, deep management teams and they must stay within defined or imposed boundaries, follow the rules and do what is expected. B4H allows everyone who wants to make a difference and to help change lives to do so in the way they think makes sense and how they can best add value. In short, you can be as creative as you like, spend as much time as you want and build programs, partnerships and fundraising initiatives that make sense to you. Best of all, you can build relationships with many in the developing world and by working closely with them to implement programs, you are helping transfer valuable business and entrepreneurial skills.
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Giving Those In The Developing World The Gift Of Mobility

The team from B4H Namibia unloading the shipping container in Namibia

Loading a 40 foot hi-cube container with 450-500 bikes

A delivery of a portion of the bikes to Teboho and the Future Stars program

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